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Kongu style Chicken curry

Chicken Curry


Protein rich lentil risotto


Mixed Nuts Pesto Pasta


Few Recipies from Divinespice Kitchen

Classic Veg Lasagna

Wondering what it’s like to eat spicy cheesy Lasagna? It’s sort of like stuffing a nectar in your mouth – over the top delicious and insanely good. Let’s jazz it up with your own choice of seasonings…  Read More..               


Avocado Dip

Avocado Dip is a deliciously creamy recipe and it’s super easy to prepare as well. Avocado has loads of healthy fats and other nutrients which makes it perfect for a little healthy boost. Serve it with nachos to experience the authentic taste of… Read more..

Chicken Biriyani

Isn’t that amazing how we can bring the different tastes out of just one single recipe? Yes, you are right ..I am talking about most flavorful and aromatic Biriyani varieties throughout… Read more..

Salmon cake

I always love to sneak salmon into my diet because it is rich in nutrients (espescially Omega – 3 fatty acids) that keep skin and hair nourished. Come on, who  wouldn’t want the flawless skin and perfect hair we see on supermodels?  We can grill, bake.. Read more..


This simple dip is a middle eastern recipe which is super easy to make in seconds, also can be prepared in many different flavors.. Read more..